Static vs. Dynamic URLs

SEO Friendly URLs are a great way to quickly index your newly added content but it’s easy for users to know about the content of your blog post.

Many in the SEO world have long questioned the necessity of re-writing dynamic URLs – those that pull content from Dynamic websites Databases – into static URLs that appear to end with a finite .php/.asp/.html/etc. 

A dynamic URL is often condemned by search optimizers because of the difficulties search engines have had indexing and reading them in the past.

even it’s difficult to remember the URL & you have no clue what is actually about this post.

it goes something like

with this dynamic URL Structure, you have No idea whatsoever about the content of the above Link & Search engines indexing is way more difficult than static URL.

If you are using an apache server use MOD_rewrite to make ugly non-search engine-friendly URLs to Search engine Friendly URLs.


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